Bangers and Flares

I’ve been getting all my “ducks in a row” for the trip to Northern Quebec and Nunavut next week.  It’s been hectic as I prepare Ansel for the drive, check all my camera equipment for proper functions, plan the route and pack the various other items I’ll need to be solo in that vast wilderness; tools, spare vehicle parts, portable compressor, jerry cans, etc.

Besides my typical packing of camera equipment, I need to pack for all eventualities.  I’ll be over 600km from most civilization with only a few Cree villages in the area; this means safety is my number one concern.  In my kit will be a flare pen with bear bangers and red safety flares, among other safety items.  

It’s better to be safe than sorry when travelling near the 52 parallel, away from most civilization and hiking into the true wilderness.

Taking the road less travelled means finding hidden treasures…
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Ansel the Jeep needs some TLC… exhaust, headers, motor mounts, etc..
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Location, location, location

Good product photography is all about the right location;  it will not distract, but enhance the product and provide a sense of connection between the two.  

I have spent the last couple days searching for that exact location.  A blend of nature, natural light and rugged rocky terrain.  The goal was to find something that compliments the product without taking away from it’s own beauty; rough, rugged yet classy.  Thankfully I’m surrounded by some of the most beautiful natural areas in Southern Ontario.

The product on hand was a Fenix PD22 High Performance LED Flashlight.  A beautiful piece of modern tech wrapped up into a small pocket sized package.  I fell in love with the quality of the product and it has now been added to my camera kit.  I’ll work on doing a small review of the product as it applies to photography.  Keep your eyes open for that review in the coming weeks on this blog.

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#Meeting number one done and it just so happens to the neighbour to my favourite #toronto #cafe.

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The proper way to travel between cities. GO transit is my chauffeur for today’s meetings.
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Data protection is important @ Exposure Studio. I’ll post a blog entry to the website next week explaining how and what I do to protect my clients images. For now, a teaser photo.

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Inglis Falls (1069_00026_003)

A limited edition stretched canvas print from the private collection of Sean P. Carson, owner of Exposure Studio.  The print you order will be numbered, signed and stretched over a 2” wooden frame.

There are only ten 24” x 26” canvases available.

261 (1097_00038_015)

A limited edition print from the private collection of Sean P. Carson, owner of Exposure Studio.  The print you order will be numbered, signed, mounted and framed.

There are only 15 prints available, five 12” x 18” and ten 8” x 12”.